Santorini - Volcano Tour, Hot Springs & Thirassia Tour

Your tour begins when you meet your guide and climb aboard a boat to embark on your adventurous journey to the world famous Caldera. 3,500 years ago Santorini witnessed an awesome volcanic explosion which occurred in the Aegean Sea and as a result created a huge depression, over a mile deep. This depression, covered by water is called the Caldera. The Santorini caldera is approximately four miles in diameter. On the other side of the Caldera is Nea Kameni, an impressive volcano. This is your destination!

Arriving at the volcano your guide will provide you with general information on the historical and geological aspects of the area and point out interesting features. You will be provided time to explore the volcano’s slope and, for the more adventurous, time to climb to the crater. The terrain is often compared to a foreign planet given its barren nature and extremely unique features and colors. For those choosing to climb to the crater, they will be rewarded with incredible views of Santorini and the Mediterranean Sea.

After your volcano hike, you will reboard your vessel and sail along the spectacular lava rock to a protected harbor. From here you can relax and enjoy the majestic views or, for the more adventurous, swim ashore to enjoy the natural hot springs. Geologists believe the hot springs have concentrated iron and manganese which are good for the body and have curative properties.

Departing the volcano, your boat will take you to Thirassia Island. Thirassia is the largest of a chain of very small islands from the ancient Strogili (before the volcanic activity) and the only one inhabited. Its main village, Horio, is a pretty place with whitewashed houses that provides a look into the past showing how Santorini was before tourists discovered the island. The island is a quiet and beautiful place with only 150 inhabitants which is hardly visited by tourists. You will have free time to explore the island and its many charms.

From Thirassia you will board your vessel for the short trip back to the Fira port where you can pick up the tender to your ship, purchase a cable car ticket or donkey ride up to Fira town, or if you are feeling up to the challenge, climb the 500+ steps.

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