Crete - Knossos, Museum, Heraklion Town

Tour highlights: Market “Agora”, Knossos Palace, Museum, and City tour.

Duration - Directions: 8 hours approximately - 84 km, Central North Crete.
Only few kilometres south of Heraklion, Knossos, the capital of King Minos and the centre of the magnificent Minoan civilization is located. Our visit here will take us a step back in time and some 4000 years, 2000 BC. Knossos and her Palace, famous throughout the world through the myths of Europe, the Minotaur, the Labyrinth and These us, Daedal us and Ikarus, will open us a window to the most ancient civilization of Europe and its reality you can't miss. Knossos' architectural feats include several storey buildings (first in the world) with light wells and bathrooms, impressive pillars and an ingenuous drainage system, aqueducts, irrigation systems, paved roads and magnificent frescoes.

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Crete - West Crete

Tour highlights: Seaside drive, Arkadi Monastery, City tour (Chania - Rethymno), “Agora”

Duration-Directions: 10 hours approximately - 340 km, west Crete.
Driving along the north coast road of Crete we pass by Fodele village with its orange and lemon groves. The village is also known as the birthplace of the famous Cretan painter, El Greco. Leaving behind us the province of Milopotamos and its centuries old olive trees and the range of mount Ida we arrive at the monastery of Arkadi. Here we visit the impressive church and the small historical museum.

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Crete - Unknown Crete

Tour highlights:  pottery art, Scenic mountain side drive, Panorama stop.

Duration-Directions: 8 hours approximately - 260 km, south east.
The most representative of the island the excursion to the unknown Crete is a very interesting and complete round trip. Driving the direction south - East we cross the vertile wine plain of Peza, and make our first stop in Thrapsano, where the famous pottery art of Crete has been flourishing for centuries.

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Crete - Lassithi Plateaus

Tour Highlights: Lassithi tour, Cave of Zeus, Scenic mountain side drive.

Duration - Directions: 8 hours approximately - 140 km, Centre Crete.

Leaving Heraklion the first stop on the scenic route towards central Crete is the Monastery of "Kera Kardiotissa". It's dedicated to Virgin Mary, is run by nuns and is locally known as Little Lourdes, with people making pilgrimages to pray for relief from their sins.
Driving south and up to the mountain, we venture inland, where we reach the fertile Plateau of Lassithi, which may have been the crater of an ancient volcano. This unique place is a patchwork of green and yellow fields hemmed into the Diktean Mountains, each patchwork area irrigated by its own windmill.

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Crete - Sea Activities Boat-trips for recreation or fishing

Enjoy a full or half day with a safe and fast boat which offers the opportunity to those who loves sea, to discover the beauties of Crete island and enjoy unique beaches with friends or family.

We take care of:
Captain, full equipment for snorkeling and barbeque, speedboat instructor, lifeguard, diver and all fishing equipment.

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