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Greece is the ideal location for your Incetntive.
Whether you prefer an island or mainland destination, Greece has a number of first class, modern conference and event facilities set in the backdrop of the glorious Greek sun, sea, culture and breathtaking scenery.
George’s Travel service has experience in successfully organizing and operating conferences and special events going back to 1967. We can help you organize a first class event while you experience the unique wonders of Greece.
We bring you “All that Greece has to offer”.

Our Services:
•    Destination research & inspection
•    Proposals on themed events, activities, training and education programs

•    Full Travel Services & Accommodation
•    Transportation with Deluxe Coach
•    Proposals on Reward schemes/ programs
•    Social & Cultural program
•    Reporting & Evaluation (upon request)
•    Team Building Activities
•    Themed Events
•    Conferences
•    Wide network of partners & suppliers worldwide
•    Inspection of sites




George’s Travel Service - GTS in partnership with Greece’s extensive network of world class hotels can help your organization design a conference or seminar with the perfect combination of modern meeting facilities and ideal leisure activity offerings. Greece is a premier conference destination with convenient flight connections to the major cities of Europe, Africa and North America and the mild Mediterranean climate offers year round scheduling opportunities.

 In addition, Greece’s rich cultural heritage and incredible scenery provides the opportunity to design a wide variety of pre and post conference excursion possibilities.



Team Building Activities

Innovative team building exercises are a great way to improve and enhance team dynamics to positively impact your company’s productivity. Participants will improve their teamwork and communicational skills while they learn how to manage their time, solve problems, negotiate and set common goals. Our team building specialist will work with your company to design the ideal experience that works best for the size of your team and your scheduling needs.






Themed Events

Whether your event is a themed party for private or corporate clients or customers, or a special function held in conjunction with a conference or exhibition, we can adapt to any challenge and offer you a truly unique experience.
Our imagination and experience in organizing one-of-a-kind events is our greatest asset.
We love the challenge of taking your idea for a themed event and stretching our imagination to deliver a unique and unforgettable solution that fits all of your requirements- such as timing and scheduling, budget constraints, venue limitations or any unusual circumstances.
From venue finding to invitations, entertainment, sound and lighting and themed decoration, we take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy the fun!


Sample Incentive Programs

You can download our Sample Incentive Programs

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