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Are you looking for an exciting and unique tour program?
Greece is an ideal destination for such purposes. It combines sun, sea and breathtaking scenery with fun, culture and originality.

George’s Travel service has experience in successfully organizing and operating special interest programs going back to 1967. We can help you sample the wonders of Greece with professionalism and first class service. In other words, we bring you “All that Greece has to offer”.
Please take a moment to review the accompanying overview descriptions of our offerings. Each one of these can be customized to suit your needs.
Your comments, questions, thoughts and of course requests are most welcomed.


Religious and Cultural Tours

Every aspect of your life is affected, enriched, and motivated by your faith. Learning about the lives of one of the most beloved and influential Christians through a religious tour to the Christian sites of Greece is a magnificent way to deepen your faith.

Just imagine the feeling of standing in the very site where Paul first taught the Corinthians or visiting the location where Paul baptized Lydia. Retracing the missionary journey of the Apostle Paul can bring you a step closer to understanding his powerful life. With 40 years of travel experience, we can assist you with your next vacation experience that provides you with the opportunity to grow and deepen your faith.

Mythology Tours

Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and more.
How did the city of Athens get its name? Why was Delphi considered to be the ‘omphalos’ – navel of the earth? How did Demeter – the Greek Goddess of Agriculture – get attention after her daughter Persefoni was kidnapped?

What better way to learn about the beliefs of the ancient Greeks than to listen to the myths, tales and legends of Greek mythology while visiting the sites and temple ruins of the ancient sanctuaries and oracles.



Archaelogy Tours

A planned itinerary tour of archaeological sites is a great way to spend your vacation learning about the past. We offer an exciting and educational introduction to the major archaeological sites in Greece, enhanced by expert guides. All tailor made programs offer archaeological expertise of the highest order, provided by professional lecturers and each will provide a very unique kind of holiday experience. Our mission is to provide the group with a firsthand glimpse into the wonders of the past, combined with the fun of discovering them within the context of our diverse cultures of today.


Art Tours

These tours are designed to introduce you to the wealth of Greek culture
through Art, Music, Theatre, Painting, Sculpture and Photography. The itinerary includes attending a variety of performances and visiting the most representative
museums and galleries. In addition, a fascinating complement of guest speakers and daily discussions are included to enhance your appreciation of Greek culture. There is also ample free time designed in enable you explore your particular interest on your own.  We want to leave you with a richer appreciation of live theatre at its best and feel satisfied with all you have seen and done in Europe’s most vital city.


Gourmet and Wine Tours

Greece is blessed with a climate which enables wine to be made here in the midst of scenery and ancient sites which even jaded eyes agree is breathtakingly beautiful. The region is also an epicurean’s dream with a host of top quality restaurants ready and able to seduce the palate with a myriad of taste sensations which are both traditionally classic and yet uniquely local. Tours are offered for individuals or small groups covering the principal wine areas and estates of the Peloponnese peninsula, Thessaly plain, Macedonia, Crete and the Cycladic islands. Wine tours are combined with meals in selected local restaurants. Arranged (pre-planned) tours are available or an itinerary can be tailored to your individual requirements. On our wine tours you'll enjoy special cellar tours at local wineries, have private tastings, and be invited into the growers' cellars to discover great wines. You'll meet the winemakers and the owners of great wineries, enjoy gourmet food and have a superb wine tasting experience. But Greece has a lot more to offer, so in this tour we will also introduce you to everything we love about our country- food and wine, its culture and history, its art, and its people. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!


Sports Tours

There is more to a successful sporting tour than hotel and flight bookings. Whether you want to attend a major athletic event or just have some games with local teams we will assist you with every aspect of your tour. We plan your tour destination & itinerary, arrange your equipment, organize all ticketing, insurance & other formalities and we can offer you a wide range of accommodation from home billets to five star hotels.
We organize tailor-made sports tours throughout Greece for Schools and University sports teams or any non-professional sports clubs.
Our friendly tour managers are passionate about sports and dedicated to organizing brilliant sports tours at affordable prices.


Sailing Tours

Nature's bounty has blessed Greece with hundreds of islands, excellent weather and calm seas that makes sailing the Greek seas "just beyond your imagination!"    Allow the sea breeze to drift you along as you enjoy the coastline of the beautiful Greek islands - the sailing enthusiasts’ destination. The sea, the wind, and you!
Try the exhilaration of boom netting, a new thrill for most, or take time out to view the magnificent underwater wonders as you snorkel in the warm waters. You're welcome to participate in our sailing activities, or you can simply relax on deck as the breeze passes you by.
Whether you want to charter a large sailboat with some friends with a skipper or on your own, or join a group of smaller boats called a flotilla, it is sure that you will experience the thrill of authentic sailing. You will experience firsthand the pleasures that the Greek shores have to offer. Sail towards cosmopolitan islands or along fine secluded beaches. Drop anchor in a quiet bay for a swim in the crystal clear waters, followed by a sumptuous BBQ lunch on the beach! Whether you're looking for a quiet sail down the coast, an exciting water sports adventure, or a romantic sunset cruise, you'll find sailing in the Greek seas to be simply delightful!

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